To Say Thanks For Being Our Partner, We're Giving Back to You!

Introducing Restaurant Rewards! Here's how the program works:

We Provide You with...

  • A unique coupon code. Every time your code is redeemed by a new fan for a free delivery with Food Pedaler, your restaurant earns $5! We'll add the amount you earn as a credit to your weekly payout. You can think of it as a tip for referring our service!
  • A special landing page where fans (when they discover us through your website) will see your coupon code before they order.
  • A shareable, social media-ready short link that redirects to your landing page.
  • Unlimited promo cards featuring your coupon code and a card stand to display in your restaurant.

You Must Be...

  • A participating partner restaurant signed up at our standard 30% commission.
  • Proactive in promoting your coupon code. We're happy to brainstorm ideas and offer help creating any promotional assets you can think of!

To Begin Earning Rewards, Email Alex at