Reach New Fans & Become a Local Favorite

Increase Your Orders by Getting in Front of Our Fans Right When They’re Ready to Buy!

Maximize Your Online Presence

From Our Website, Social Media, Mailing List & Local Press – to Your Google My Business Listing – Help New Fans Find Your Menu Online!

Third-Party Delivery

Fans Order through Our Site, Our App, or Your Google My Business.

They Pay for the Food, Sales Tax, Delivery Fee & a Tip.

Delivery Fees
$3.99 for under 1 Mile
$4.99 for 1 to 2 Miles
$5.99 for over 2 Miles

We Place the Orders with You – via Your POS, Tablet or Phone.

Delivery Pedalers Pick Up the Orders & Deliver Them to Our Hungry Fans.

We Handle Credit Card Processing, Order Logistics & Any Customer Service Issues That Arise.

You Receive a Direct Deposit & Summary of Your Sales Every Week.

In-House Delivery

You Accept Delivery Orders through Your Own Online Ordering.

Your Fans Pay for the Usual Suspects, Plus a Delivery Fee & Tip for Our Pedalers.

We Receive Your Online Delivery Orders Instantaneously.

Delivery Pedalers Pick Up the Orders & Deliver Them to Your Hungry Fans.

We Handle Delivery Logistics & Any Customer Service Issues That Arise.

We Subtract Amounts Owed from Third-Party Payouts Weekly (Requires Third-Party Delivery Package).

We're Unique

We've Developed a Special Recipe for Hyper-Local Delivery.

No Startup or Monthly Fees.

We’re Eco-Friendly & Deliver Orders Quickly & Seamlessly.

Remaining Hyper-Local Allows for Close Attention to Detail & Superior Customer Service.

We Give Back Monthly to Local Charity The Fit & Food Connection.

Earn Even More with Rewards

We Give You a Coupon Code Unique to Your Restaurant.

Every Time Your Code Is Redeemed by a New Fan, You Earn Extra!

We Also Provide a Special Landing Page to Promote Your Code &
Promo Cards to Display inside Your Restaurant.

Partners & Fans Love Us

We Are Proud & Honored to Partner with the Most Celebrated Chefs & Restaurants in the Neighborhood!

"Pickles Deli loves the addition of Food Pedaler to our team. They are our first recommendation for delivery in St. Louis.
Not just because they are so easy to work with, but more importantly, they have the same dedication to customer service as us."
Tim Metz, Pickles Deli

"The restaurant choices are fantastic & the delivery charges are incredibly reasonable,
but what really sold me was their PHENOMENAL customer service. Very impressive!"
Michele N, Dedicated Fan



Third-Party Delivery + Marketing
30% Commission per Order

Third-Party Delivery with Our Team of Professional Pedalers.

Your Menu Listed on Our Site & App.

Google My Business Integration.

Earn More with Rewards.

Frequent Visibility with Our Newsletter & Social Media.

Bonus: Add Commission-Free Pickup on Your Google My Business.

Ask about our Special Rate for GiftAMeal & Green Dining Alliance
Members & Restaurants with Sister Locations!

In-House Delivery
20% Commission per Order

In-House Delivery with Our Team of Professional Pedalers.

10 Deliveries Trial
10% Commission per Order

Access to Our Team of Professional Pedalers for Third-Party Delivery.

Your Menu Listed on Our Site & App.

Partnership Announcement on Our Newsletter & Social Media.

Available Only by Special Request.

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